Valentine's Day | Handmade Gifts from the Heart

February 03, 2016

Valentine's Day | Handmade Gifts from the Heart

I have a tricky relationship with Valentines Day – on one hand I’m becoming more and more averse to schlocky prescriptive traditions that seem to be all about capitalism and the never ending pushing of consumer culture and traditional gender roles. But on the other hand, it is pretty nice to take some time out to acknowledge your significant other in a way that’s meaningful. Especially when you’ve been together for a while and have kids together (and a house, jobs, swimming lessons & never ending kids birthday parties blah blah blah), romance or even recognition of your partners’ importance can take a back seat. So in the interests of casting the net a bit wider than the standard chocolates and flowers here are 10+1 (mostly unisex) ideas for handmade gifts from the heart to celebrate your love.

ANTIPOD Workshop Alternative Valentines Day Gifts | Handmade from the Heart 1

ANTIPOD Workshop Alternative Valentines Day Gifts | Handmade from the Heart 2

  1. Forget the roses and go with a terrarium or air plant that will last. These are by Green With Envy – Jennifer actually cultivates the air plants herself in her Vancouver studio!
  2. Can’t go wrong with a pair of panties from Daub & Design. Your lady will love you – handmade right here in Vancouver.
  3. Locally illustrated cards by Sarita Mann. Something for everyone – maybe slip in a couple of tickets for a night out? Sometimes your time is the most precious thing you can give.
  4. Handmade botanical perfume by Earth Tu Face.
  5. Soy Candle by Human Kind. “Equality For All” fragrance, ‘nuff said.
  6. Take your love/s (and I’m including your pals) out for ice-cream on Valentine’s day. I live around the corner from Earnest Ice-cream – lucky me!!
  7. A pillow from the ARTIFACT collection – touchable and stylish. Just like your Love.
  8. Art is always a fantastic gift – this is the Rho Print by Hamish Robertson available from Sight Unseen.
  9. This is the Puzzle Necklace by JujuMade also from Sight Unseen. Jewellery is a personal choice, but get it right and it's an intimate gift that will be cherished.
  10. Make a statement with the Only Love Is Real ring by All for the Mountain again from Sight Unseen.
  11. And just for good luck, another pillow from the ARTIFACT collection. Consider it cuddle-prepping your sofa.

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