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February 05, 2016


Atelier Bingo is a creative design studio based in France and run by Maxime Prou & Adèle Favreau. They are illustrators and surface pattern/graphic designers who love to experiment with screen-printing and other graphic techniques.

I’ve recently become completely obsessed (obsessed!) by their amazing collages of mark-making and shapes -- as gorgeous in black and white as in their brightly colored works. These works have such a sense of playfulness, their prints would brighten up any space. And with over 57,000 Instagram followers I’m clearly not the only one completely enamoured of their work!

 ANTIPOD Workshop | Atelier Bingo - Pack of three art prints  ANTIPOD Workshop | Eye Candy - AtelierBingo Serigraphie006

 ANTIPOD Workshop | Atelier Bingo - Beetopia

  ANTIPOD Workshop | Atelier Bingo - GUR Rug


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