Textile Designs for the Activewear Market

October 17, 2016

Textile Designs for the Activewear Market

I'm so happy to be a featured designer over at Pattern Observer!! I did a fantastic online course on designing patterns for the activewear market with Michelle who runs the Pattern Observer Studio, and Lise who's one half of the fab design studio Sisters Gulassa.  I've always been interested in translating my artwork into textiles for licensing and this course has really given me the confidence to put my work out to this growing market. There's an opportunity to do work that's really bold, capturing an urban sporty vibe that's kinda tough and strong. Something that makes women feel really good in their skin when working out - and I think it's a place where even if you are generally fairly conservative, you can take something of a risk with your gear. And I love that it's a great way to mash-up the handmade work I do from painting and drawing in the digital realm to make completely new designs.

Whenever I design for my own lines I end with literally hundreds of sketches that could be developed further, but there's only so much I can actually make under my own banner. Besides which - I'm cultivating a specific aesthetic, but I do consider myself somewhat voracious when it comes to an interest in pattern so I like the opportunity to indulge in making as many different types of pattern that I can.

Textile Designs | Womens Activewear-Youth Tonic TrendThese designs were developed in response to a brief for the Youth Tonic trend that's being forecast be trend watcher WGSN for Spring/Summer 2018.   

I’m currently in the process of putting a portfolio together so watch this space. Thanks Pattern Observer!! If you’re interested in a really pragmatic and hands-on course with lots of specific feedback about designing for this market, it’s a winner. 

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