Collection #1 | ARTIFACT

Patterns are drawn from original photographs of small details in my local environment. On Main Street in Chinatown, there has been rapid urban development, created in large part by the Winter Olympics held in 2010 as well as the continued popularity of Vancouver as a lifestyle city.

I’m inspired by the unintentional collages created by the posters plastered over every temporary wall erected to screen the massive construction sites lining our streets. These posters are inevitably written on, torn and pasted over forming multiple layers over time.

Pillows are printed using dye sublimation, an environmentally friendly waterless dye process that results in a vibrant, full-color print. Dyes are infused into the fabric at the molecular level, rather than applied to the surface, and so prints will not rub off or fade.

The front of the pillow is a beautifully soft and very hard-wearing velvet that can withstand everyday life and come out of the washing machine as good as new.