Collection #2 | LEXICON

LEXICON is an exploration of line - one of the basic elements of design. Paring the palette back to a monochromatic black and white, the artwork explores the power of working within confines, and in doing so opens up worlds of design possibility.

 I’m interested in the connections between historical repetitive mark making in all cultures from ancient Greek times and indigenous cultures around the world, with modern graphic design and doodles by contemporary artists like Jon Burgerman. I’m as influenced by graphic designer Super Mundane, the Swiss school of design and the mathematics of traditional quilt blocks as Polynesian tapa and the line work of the Ndbele. Referencing a multiplicity of sources, this collection takes them in new directions with hand drawn lines using sharpie paint pens, brush and ink and the hard-lines made possible by computer software.

 LEXICON forms part of an ongoing investigation into the marks that seem to show up continuously in my work, as I continue to identify a personal lexicon within my art practice.