Hoodoo | White

HOODOO is a pattern collaboration between artist Jan Wade + Antipod Workshop

HOODOO is a form of spiritualism practiced by early American slaves. The numerous eyes featured in the pattern express ASHE… the presence of the spirit.

Jan Wade is an artist & woman born of mixed racial heritage in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She attended The Ontario College of Art & Design where she graduated with honours. 

Raised within a close-knit segregated community, Jan witnessing many of the dramatic changes brought on by the Civil Rights Movement. She was heavily influenced by the Black Church, & by the southern black aesthetic of her great-grandmother & grandmother through quilts, crochet and hand-painted signs.

Jan has exhibited her work locally, nationally & internationally. Her wall of crucifixes, Epiphany, premiered at the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Baffn Art Centre as part of the Afrocubanismo Festival & was shown in 1995 at the 1st International Arts Biennial in Johannesburg, South Africa. She participated in the first major group exhibition of African Canadian artists at the Art Gallery of Ontario & then travelled to Haiti to participate in a group exhibition of Artists from the Diaspora at the National Gallery of Haiti in Port Au-Prince.

Jan’s current work explores the creative work of people of the Diaspora & its significance, influence & meaning within a larger social context.